In addition to talking therapy, I provide the opportunity to work creatively with various art forms such as painting, drawing and sculpture, music, movement. Although these can sound a bit strange or daunting, many people find they provide an alternative means of communication and expression to convey deeply felt emotions and experiences that words alone may fail to adequately capture.


With younger clients, I may also use puppets, play, masks,  poetry, storytelling, sandplay, drama, etc. 

Working creatively in counselling is dynamic and playful.  It is a process that is not concerned with technique or the end product and you do not need to have any experience or ability in using the arts. This approach is flexible and adaptable to your individual needs.

The results can be powerful and unexpected. Working creatively encourages a connection and engagement with the unconscious, providing a powerful resource in dealing with difficulties and challenges.  

Whatever the age, self-discovery leads to a greater sense of wholeness and the possibility of accessing untapped potential.



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