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"Therapy isn't something I ever thought I'd have anything to do with. It is difficult to quantify exactly how life changing it can be but I'll say this, things I'd been struggling with my entire life, I now have control over."R




"Our daughter has benefitted beyond words from your support and we will forever be grateful"

"We have gone from feeling completely helpless to having a thriving, happy boy"

"You helped me to feel empowered to make small changes which have led to major improvements in many aspects of my life: my self-esteem, my relationship with my adult children and my anxiety levels."

“Thank you for helping me bring such clarity into my life. My only regret is not having done it sooner”

“I loved coming to my sessions here. It always looked forward to them”

“Stéphanie has been a lifeline when I could not function anymore. She has helped detangle things for me and I am so grateful for it”

"J is much more comfortable with who he is and his choices so that’s been hugely positive for us and lovely to see.I do think his sessions with you hold huge value so thank you very much” 

"Having been unsure what to expect before the first session, my son did not hesitate after it to confirm that he would like to carry on. His anxiety levels notably decreased after just a few sessions with Stephanie, and he became able too to recognise behaviours in himself and to articulate his feelings or worries. His outbursts ceased, which has been a real key to stopping the cycle of negative thoughts about himself"

"H has come on SO much since he started seeing you. He isn’t nearly as anxious and his self confidence has improved immeasurably. We really are so grateful to you."

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