Image by Andrew Neel
Young adult  Counselling 

Becoming Counselling aims to provide a safe and confidential space in which you can address any issues. 


I offer a single session, short term or long term therapy, depending on what you would like help with and how deep you would like to go.

We can explore and work through your present or unresolved past experiences, allowing you a greater sense of freedom in the present and increased hope and optimism for the future.

You can gain greater awareness, insight and understanding of yourself, your life situations and your personal relationships, promoting the development of new perspectives and alternative ways of thinking.

Some of the reasons why people come and see me:

Exam stress, procrastination, anxiety, panic attacks, imposteur syndrome,

OCD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum

Gender issues, abuse,

Disordered eating, substance use,

Relationship difficulties, isolation,
Lack of confidence 

Trauma, loss, bereavement
A general lack of fulfilment in life.

Self-discovery and personal growth



50mn Weekly: £65-£70

Single Session therapy: £95